Vita Lane • illustration


Hello World!

Life is exciting and crazy and sometimes your path takes you to unexpected places. Since getting married last year (hooray!) I've gone back and forth (and back and forth) a LOT about what to do with my business, with my name, with the evolution of my art and tried to figure out how all this would work. Finally, I think I've figured out a new path.

Introducing! Which to me, kinda feels like Vita 2.0. And it feels good.

I've taken my new married name in my personal life, and have decided that since my artwork has changed so much over the past couple years (with much trial-and-error, blood, sweat and tears), I will use my new married name professionally as well. So just call me Vita Lane :)

On this new site you will find my newest artwork only, and that which fits the new Vita: hand-drawn, less starkly-digital feeling, more paint, more fun, more mess. The collection is small as I begin, and I'm creating new works everyday. Stay tuned for the latest and greatest... this is going to be a fun ride!