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Water(color), water(color) everywhere

Hullo Internet World! I haven't blogged much in a long long time, these days find me enjoying Instagram and Facebook for sharing my art, so if you don't already, please follow me @vita.lane and here.

I've been on a huge watercolor kick as of late. Huge. Almost every day I've started out by setting a timer for 30 minutes (sometimes 20 if I'm in a rush) and just doodling with watercolor. It's freeing and fun and the routine of it makes me feel like I'm doing something really good for myself. (Kind of like yoga.) I've also been drawing up a storm - usually with a Sharpie pen - and almost exclusively portraits. Faces faces faces. And I've been posted almost all of it on Instagram. Check it out. It's June (probably my favorite month because of the amazing late-spring / early-summer weather), the sun is shining, and I'm loving life right now. Feels damn good.

If you want something, you've got to work for it. I'm not quite sure what that something is (though I have some ideas, so stay tuned), but I'm working hard to get to the next place in my career. I love the journey.

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