Vita Lane • illustration


Blue Night (part two)

In my last post I talked about the beginning stages of creating the music video Blue Night for Elissa Margolin. Today I'd like to show you what things started looking like once I picked up my paintbrush.

95% of the art for Blue Night was created with watercolor paints. The rest was digitally added. All of this painting was quite different than my normal painting process - for the animation I had to paint everything in pieces. The Girl's hair was a separate piece from her arm, which was a separate piece from her dress, etc. Backgrounds were their own paintings, and sky was a separate piece from land. All this was necessary for Andy ( A.J. Smith) to work his animation magic.

Portsmouth, NH makes a appearance in the video.

Portsmouth, NH makes a appearance in the video.

Andy gave me a crash-course in Adobe Animate on the basics, and setting up all the pieces of art into the files he needed. After I scanned in all the paintings, color-corrected, resized them, and added the digital details that were needed, it was a very happy day for me when I got to pass everything over to him, so he would work his magic! And he did an amazing job.

Thank you to Elissa for this wonderful opportunity, and to Andy for all of his help and support and guidance. I am so happy with how it all turned out.

Blue Night by Elissa Margolin. Illustration by Vita Lane. Animation by A.J. Smith.