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7 things that I love

My friend Gina, over at, tagged me with this little doozy - list the 7 things that you love.... here we go, in no particular order!

1. My dog Sam - of course. The unconditional love goes both ways in this relationship :)
2. Peanut butter. Darn you, stupid recall! Thank goodness the jarred stuff is still ok.
3. My 9 month old niece Sofia. 'nuff said.
4. Lost. One of the 2 tv shows I regularly watch. OMG did you see last weeks episode?!!? I screamed "NO WAY!" at the end.
5. Avacados. I eat this almost everyday.
6. Bikram yoga.
7. My Mac. sigh...its so pretty...

Ok, I've got a thousand more - my amazing family, and fantastic friends, the sound of the birdies chirping in the morning - telling me spring is on the way even though it certainly doesn't feel like it, warm socks, fresh sheets just out of the dryer.... I love a lot of things :)