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All about Jimmy Thunder

me: hey did you see my blog post today? JT: oh, you mean the one where you didn't talk about your loving boyfriend who's so awesome and didn't complain when you abandoned him and didn't spend time with him while taking that art e-course? The one who loves you and takes care of you and made you ice pops? That one? Yeah, I saw it.


Happy Anniversary, Jimmy Thunder :) Your day has come, here on Life with Sam....


This is my boyfriend, known on my blog as Jimmy Thunder.
Doesn't he look like a model in this photo? I think he's the handsomest boy in school.
He loves me and takes me places, like in this photo where we are in Franconia Notch at the Basin.
He likes to wear his winter hat in the summer. And then gets mad when I call it his "winter" hat.
It's a knit cap, JT. Of course it's for winter. But I like how he looks like a bad boy in it, what can I say?
He loves my dog Sam.
So sweet, right?
And Sam loves him too.
They're playing fetch. Sam isn't running away from him, I swear.
He can be a goof for the camera, a lot.
And likes to send me silly pictures when I'm not around.
Yes, that is my underwear.
He's great at the "selfies".
And makes me smile.
He's outdoorsy.
And isn't afraid of my own goofy side.
We're cute, right?
And he's a very very talented musician.
That's how the Thunder rolls, baby.
Have I embarrassed you enough, JT?
I wonder what he'll say about this post. His mom reads my blog :)