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Back to School with MATS Part B

This week Make Art That Sells Part B (by Lilla Rogers) started up again - it's the second part of the class I took this summer. And HOORAY! I'm back for more art, more learning, more exploring and more pushing my limits. It feels good.

photo-17Here's a peek at some of my sketches for the mini exercise we were given on Monday - this week it's all about the paper industry, and we are concentrating on Christmas and Holiday. Some ornaments, some candy, and at least for me - some frustration. I don't know why, but I have a mental block about creating a new Holiday collection. It's something that I've struggled with for awhile now. I guess I feel like everything has already been done a thousand times over when it comes to holiday imagery, and that its just the same stuff over and over again and I think to myself - how can I come up with something new and/or at least interesting? Ugh. But, as I've learned from many years practicing Bikram yoga - the postures you don't like/hate/have trouble with the most, and the ones you NEED the most. So I'm applying the same philosophy here. I NEED to feel this frustration, this annoyance, and same as in yoga - SURRENDER to it, and move past it. So that's what I'm doing. Surrendering. FINE, I'll draw some ornaments, fine.

Today I'm concentrating on the main assignment for the week. Wish me luck!