Vita Lane • illustration


Call of the Wild

Last week in MATS part B, we tackled Baby Apparel, and were given the theme of camping. I have a recent obsession with vintage campers, courtesy of Jimmy Thunder who earlier this summer put a bug in my ear about us getting one. Hell to the yeah! Something sweet and small, a fixer-upper, something I could make curtains for and reupholster cushions, add a little paint to, and leave the heavy lifting to JT. Researching campers for the assignment last week was a blast, and so was sketching this puppy out. Here's my submission - and I like it!


I like my little beaver characters, and the colors I chose - it's funny, since I've been consciously trying to stretch myself, I've been choosing "boy" colors as opposed to the standard "girl" colors I would normally use. Though in this case, I think these colors would work well for girls too. My work was not picked for critique, again - it wasn't at all during Part A either - and this time around, it doesn't bother me. As I've explained before on this blog, right now I'm just trying to find my mojo again, and find my joy in art. I'm happy with what I'm producing, and I'm looking at it all as a learning experience. It doesn't mean anything if one person does or does not choose it for a weekly art review. Whatevs! Plus I'm getting new work and calls for assignments, and I am working on a new fabric collection coming out this winter - so I know I'm not completely without talent. Chin up all you MATsies who worry about not being reviewed - it doesn't mean squat.

In other news, I just signed up for Daring Adventures in Paint - starting in January! I am very very excited to get messy and paint.