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Daring Adventures

This month finds me taking Mati Rose McDonough's ecourse Daring Adventures in Paint + Life. The class just finished week 2, and we have been concentrating on creating lush backgrounds, using acrylic on either wood panels or canvas, with techniques including brushwork, squeegee, braying, stamping and other mark-making. It's intuitive and abstract painting - at least for now, and I'm very much enjoying it. It's a far cry from my daily design and exact illustration work, and I'm happy to be able to let go and just create, without a client in mind, and without worrying will this sell…. I'm happy to be making a mess, and seeing my classmates doing the same. It's all part of the plan to find my joy again in art. This is a big help. Panel1_week1







I don't know where any of these paintings are going, but I'm finding it soothing and good for my soul to be making them. I've learned that I really like using the squeegee technique - and I'm surprised about that! I also learned that I'm preferring painting on a wood panel to painting on canvas. Next week looks like we'll be collaging. Hooray!