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MATS week 5 and other thoughts

I'm a couple weeks late on this post, but the last week of MATS part B focused on party paper, and our assignment was a folk-inspired paper plate and napkin. As promised, I created this one in cut paper and ink, and assembled it in photoshop. I used to do a LOT of cut paper back in my college illustration days - very fun. And I was so happy to be snipping away at this one, and frankly didn't care how it turned out - I just needed to snip snip snip. Funny enough, I like what I came up with - it might not be right for the party paper industry per se, but it could be right for something else. Who knows. The sky's the limit.


Some final thoughts on Make Art That Sells….

After 10 weeks in Lilla's classes, I feel like my art has definitely gotten a good kick in the ass, and that was exactly what I was hoping for. I've got a long way to go in re-finding my mojo, my passion, my utter happiness and contentment in my art - but I am well on my way. This time around in Part B, I really could have used more than 4 days to get the assignments done, but in the end I guess it didn't matter. It's time for some personal exploration in my art - no more art licensing classes for awhile (...who knows..but I live the business every day...) - I feel the need to run, jump and play in my studio and get creatively MESSY. At the same time as this class, I was also working on 4 pieces for an upcoming gallery show at ArtStream in Dover, NH - which I will blog about very soon - and right now I think I found a lot more joy from doing those 4 tiny mixed media paintings then from the MATS class. I can't wait to share them with the world - and to do more.

Wait wait, back to MATS - here's my review: For me, Part A was much more beneficial than Part B. I'm not sure why, maybe because I already had experience in a few of the Part B markets (but the same could be said for Part A), but I think a bigger part of it was that it felt exactly the same as Part A. I sort of felt that I had already heard the points she made by the time B rolled around. I'm certainly not saying that I didn't need to hear them again - I'm not perfect, my art isn't the greatest in the world - and repetition is necessary to get things to stick in my head, but I didn't feel as inspired or wowed this time around. That's ok - that's life. Another thing was that for many of the assignments in B - I thought that everyone's art looked the same. And that point was really drilled home with the art reviews where the same sort of art and aesthetic was picked time and time again. I've said it before, Lilla's aesthetic is not the category that my own art falls into - and that's fine. Her artists are AMAZING and so talented - as are so so many of the students in both MATS classes - but it was disappointing to see that basically only one style of art was represented…not so much in the beginning of B, but definitely as the class moved on. Another reason why much of the art looked the same could be because of the nature of the assignments this time around - where as in Part A there was a lot more of finding our own subject matter. (The only exception to this in B was the map of our hometown - that was my favorite.)

All in all, I am happy to have taken the class. It was the right decision for me. Onwards and upwards. Ok, time to get back at it.