Vita Lane • illustration


New Year's Eve

Wow the last day of 2013! This year has flown by, been filled with ups and downs, and I've had a lot of creative adventures. The past month has found me working hard on new wedding invitations for Kleinfeld Paper, as wedding season officially begins tomorrow! Stay  tuned for my latest designs. Here's a peek of what's on my drafting table - animal sketches. It's chilly around here…. even animals need warm sweaters.


For 2014 I have a few resolutions - some art related, some life related...

• cut out as much sugar as possible from my diet - I eat pretty healthy, but definitely have a sweet tooth. I want to cut out most/all refined sugar from my diet - this is gonna be hard!

• paint more. Watercolor, acrylic, collage - it doesn't matter. I just need to put brush to canvas or paper much more frequently. This will be easy the month of January, since I'm taking a painting class - I'll be blogging about it as it happens.

• take more photos of family and friends and life. I have a lovely new camera, which I've been using, but I want to do more.

• go to yoga more, stress less, find more happiness, find peace with the freezing cold house, etc etc. Continual self improvement!

Safe and happy new year wishes to you all!