Vita Lane • illustration


Portsmouth Open Market

This summer my friend Jane and I have taken on a new adventure - like I've mentioned before on my blog, we are selling some art at the Portsmouth Open Market in Strawbery Banke. Our first day was last Sunday, and it POURED all weekend... I sold a few things, but not a lot, and the foot traffic was light, though the rain did let up for several hours in the afternoon.... still pretty much a washout. A few days ago I saw that the weather report for today (Father's Day!) was gorgeous so I decided to try my luck again, this time by myself because Jane had other commitments. What a day! Here are some photos from today - beautifully sunny, though windy. Several friends stopped by (thank you Bashaw Family, and thank you Cathleen & Brian!) The market is exciting and vibrant, with great energy. Lots of kids and families, and lots of dogs. I sold a few things today, though really not much more than last week, surprisingly. I was hearing that from other vendors as well... maybe people don't feel like spending on Father's Day. Ahh well... soon my etsy shop will be up and running, and I will be taking over the world! Jane and I have our next date July 24th. See you there!