Vita Lane • illustration



I am taking a continuing education class at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, and trying my hand at printmaking. Here's the first relief that I've done, carved out of linoleum, and on Friday's class I printed with it! Its a lot of fun, and my first real exposure to printmaking, outside of high school and elementary school art classes.... why didn't I take this in college?! This first print was done in black ink (oil based) and during the class I printed several more, and tried my hand at a 2 color print with this bird - one color background printed solid on the paper, and next week I'll print the 2nd color on top, of the bird and worm. I also want to try water based inks (they are supposed to clean up easier). Now I need to start thinking of what my next piece will be...hmmm....

Here's the linoleum block, ready to be printed.

First print!