Vita Lane • illustration


Scrapbooking and Editorial - weeks 3 and 4

The past couple weeks in MATS part B brought us the scrapbooking industry and editorial illustration - both of which I have lots of  experience in, and both of which I adore.

VITA_MECHACHONIS_WEDDINGPHOTOBOOTH_1B_WEEK3Our assignment for scrapbooking has us drawing vintage cameras and typewriters, and designing a collection based on them and on "memories". I decided this was a perfect time to start some new wedding art - so I did. Overall, I feel kind of meh about the results. I love the new patterns I came up with - sketchy damasks, fishscales, etc, so I think I'll go back to those and play around some more. The cameras are cute, but I think I could have done better. I created this piece in photoshop - scanned in my sketches and craft paper, and some watercolors, and assembled it all. I sort of lost my mojo this particular week - tired from work, tired of school, tired of being so busy. I will have to revisit this art at a later date.

VITA_MECHACHONIS_PORTSMOUTH_1B_WEEK4The editorial illustration assignment focused on lettering and maps - both of which I have been itching to do - and to create a map of our town. So here is Portsmouth, NH and some of my favorite spots. I am very very happy with how it came out. I scanned in my sketches and colored them up and added texture in illustrator. I forgot how much I love editorial work, especially since I've been focused on surface pattern design for so long. I think it's time to do some more of this.

This week we're working on folk-inspired party themes for the paper products industry. I've decided to tackle this one with some old-school cut paper collage…a throwback to my art school days. Stay tuned to see how it turns out! (Fingers cross I finish in time!)