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So Completely Amazing!

For the better part of a year I have been working on, and have had the lucky fortune to be a part of, the launch of Kleinfeld Paper. Yes, KLEINFELD.... as in "Say Yes to the Dress", aka the world famous bridal boutique! The number one name in bridal has decided to produce their own line of wedding stationery, and I am one of the artists involved.

Not only do I create designs for Kleinfeld, but I also work behind-the-scenes, as this all came about in collaboration with LookLoveSend, so I wear my Art Director hat for not only LLS, but Kleinfeld Paper as well. What does this mean exactly? Well a lot of things - besides creating my own designs and trying to grow my own business (the Vita Mechachonis brand), for LLS and KP I also deal with our artists, approve designs, do all of their graphic design, a million other things, and most visibly - designed their website. It's a big team effort, getting a huge business off the ground, and I am so proud and excited to be able to talk about it and show everyone what we're all about. And I've learned so much in this process, about web and printing, letterpress, raised ink, SEO and more. My head is spinning, and I am working all the time.

Though the official launch of Kleinfeld Paper isn't until January, we've started early, and are currently offering an exceptional collection of wedding stationery, and also for the holiday season, an exclusive line of holiday cards. To celebrate, now until the end of the year, everything sitewide is 20% off. So if you haven't purchased your holiday cards yet, please check us out! Click here.

A selection of my holiday card designs on Kleinfeld Paper

My wedding collection Happiness & Joy on KP

Amity on Kleinfeld Paper

Love Birds on Kleinfeld Paper

Two Hearts on Kleinfeld Paper

And here's a few of my holiday cards on LookLoveSend. They are also running a discount at this time. Get 15% off your holiday cards with promo code HOLIDAYSTYLE15

There is so much more to see on both of these websites - go and check them out!
Happy shopping!