Vita Lane • illustration


The 21 Day Challenge - Day 1

When I went to the NESCBWI conference a couple months ago, the keynote speaker challenged us to find 15 minutes a day to practice our craft, in the hopes that after 21 days, we will have developed a new habit. Well now I am up to the challenge! My friend Gina started this awhile ago, and has gotten a boat load of artists to join her - in fact she's onto her second round already - and now that I've got Surtex behind me and have finished up some pressing illustration assignments, I am ready to begin. I thought about what kind of theme I'd like to have for my challenge - concentrating on people or animals? black and white work only? color studies? no computer illustrations, only hand? - but in the end I've decided not to limit myself - I want to be able to do whatever comes to mind - so here's Day 1, though I think I will avoid the computer. And after drawing ALL day today to finish up an assignment, my wrist and hand are exhausted, so I only spent 15 minutes on this one, but I hope to spend longer times on upcoming days.