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What do I collect?

For this week's mini-exercise for MATS, we've been instructed to gather "collections" of our own and photograph them, then start sketching and painting.... hmmmm I don't collect anything. No figurines of birds, or vintage letters, or mugs or whatever..... this is tough. I've gone around the house and pulled together a few things... still working on this. Much of it belonged to my grandma - I guess that's a reoccurring theme for me these days. Tomorrow I'll take pictures of my plants - there's quite a few of those.

Sam's collection of toys, which he immediately jumped on as soon as I starting taking them out of his basket
My grandma's crocheting supplies, doilies and buttons
My grandma's extensive sewing kit
Jewelry from my jewelry box - I don't wear a lot, and don't own much
A collection of items that belonged to my grandma, that mean something to me